Sunday, December 28, 2008

On feeling bad.

I couldn't find a word that better describes what I'm feeling right now than the word ( bad ). I have too many things that are occupying my mind and unfortunately , most of them are negative.

1) Can't describe what I really feel when I see those horrible scenes of the current Gazza massacre. I feel useless, I don't really know how to help them.

2) The shoe - bush incident. This incident truly reflects what's going on in the Arab world. ( bear with me ).
First off, you have those people cheering for Al-zaydi even calling him the hero and the resurrector of the Arab dignity. All for what, is it freeing Palestine, is it kicking the americans out of Iraq & the Gulf, is it because of winning the world cup of anything........ No. It's just for throwing a pair of shoes at a person who isn't even worth the hassle of un-tying the shoe lasses. But that's not my point.

The other team, those who are against that action. Claim that it's against the Arab well known hospitality ( since when has an invader considered a guest !!!!!!!!), it's un-professional ( to that I agree ), it's useless ........etc. But do they propose any other course of action whatsoever for the sake of anything...... zoot, zilck, zit.... nothing.

What's really funny here, both teams are entering a furious battle all over the media. The pro-shoes team call the anti-shoe team the traitors. While the anti-shoe team call the others the Barbarians.................

That's what I call a true reflection of where we stand as Arabs.
We don't know how respect each other let alone the points of view. We are helpless, the best we can do is a symbolic action that wasn't well understood in the other side of the world ( because of cultural differences ).

For both teams, I say; Don't expect freedom or power till you can free your mind and souls.

3) I' not studying hard enough........ my exams are in a week.

4) I just seem to have what I call: winter depression, I just don't like winter.

Does any of the above make any sense, I don't care.


Anonymous said...

:( Not studying either, cold not conducive to concentration. Otherwise, I really like the winter. Hope your mood lifts.

بلوجاتي said...

الحمد لله ان لسة فيه ناس بتفهم !

انا كتبت بوست في مدونتي بعنوان :

أيوة انا ضد عملية الحذاء !!