Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why wasn't I told earlier.

I love my job soooooo much to the extent that I can stay working and performing surgeries non-stop for some long hours.
Why is that ? I have no particular reason. May be because I simply love it, may be because the smile of content and appreciation on the patients' faces makes you forget all the hell time you had to go through or maybe because I have nothing else to do ;) I simply don't know why , and I truly don't care as long as I'm enjoying it.

BUT there's one thing, I hate about my job that comes hand in hand with our work. At some point you have to deliver some bad news to patients as simple as : The patient has cancer and we need to remove a huge part of his face.

How on Earth am I supposed to deliver such news ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't know, but I'm trying to figure it out.
It sucks, it really is devastating the look on the patient's face on hearing such awful news. begadd 7aga bashe3a.

I hate the fact that we don't have the luxury of having social workers or psychology trained personnel around

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