Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Kuwait after 4 years

It's been around 4 years since I've last visited Kuwait. As a first impression it doesn't seem like it has changed alot. But before I state my first impression, right now while I'm writing this there's an earthquake taking place.
I guess Kuwait is greeting me or probably as we say in Egypt ( gebto ma3aya wana gyy ).

Here's my first impression :

1) Alot of private clinics, spas & law firms. This wasn't the case or wasn't even close 4 years ago.
2) Starbucks & Mc Donald's in almost every street and around every corner.
3) Ladies are using toooooooo much make-up and perfume.
4) Construction is taking a fast pace, lots of cranes and new buildings.
5) Streets are more crowded than what I know.

These are the first things I've noticed in after one day.

Hopefully, more to come soon


Sou said...

I was checking my bank statement the other day and all I could see was "MCDONALDS, KAIFAN" listed over 10 times. So yeah, I know what you mean about the amount of McDonalds on [almost] every corner!

Yalla, more on your Kuwait chronicles!

Belya said...

Koll dah McDonald's ya Sou. 7aram 3aleiky :P