Monday, August 18, 2008

Losing track of time

Today I had some weired moments in the early morning that left me laughing for more than 15 minutes.

Here goes the story:

My alarm beeps at 7:30, I jump out of bed with the first beep. I look at my clock, here's what I think " Shoot, I've only got 5 minutes to pray al-3asr prayers ", how could that happen I can't recall that I've prayed before heading to bed; I even can't recall at what time I went to bed aslan.
So I just went straight to the bathroom for wodoo2, then I started recalling my day's incidences sequentially in order to figure out at out time did I sleep. It crossed my mind that I can't even recall what I had for lunch, so I just went into the kitchen looking for anything left that could notify me of what I ate . I found nothing, so I just said " I probably grabbed a bite on my way back from work, 3adyy ya3ny ".

On moving around the house, I still couldn't figure out what's wrong all clocks and watches are showing it's 7:35 yet it's still sunny; what the hell is going on " Homma 3'ayyaro el-taw2eet wlla eih" the idea just crossed my mind.
It's not until minutes later that I found the newspaper with Today's date on it. I just stared at it for around like 5 minutes, then I fell on the ground out of laughter.

Yalla, this is a typical Belya :D


Deeeeeee said...

That's absolutely hilarious!

Belya said...

3ashan bass te3rafo enn ana ragel mosh 3ady :D

gjoe said...