Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dina is dancing, call the police.

If you are living in Egypt or you've been following the Egyptian satellite channels throughout the past week. You would have probably noticed what was keeping the people busy.
The People's Assembly ( magles el-sha3b ) had been busy condemning the fact that Dina ( the famous belly dancer ) danced at a party. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that's true. The people's representatives ( nowwab ) were angry because that party was a Prom celebration. They say that Dina will ruin the youth ( hatbawwaz a7'la2hom ).

I'm not here to defend Dina or belly dancing, it's just strange that as far as I know students attend proms to celebrate their final year of school by DANCING. What Dina did was nothing strange to what was going over there, she even wasn't dressed in her always hot dancing suits. She was an invited guest and just wanted to share the students' their happiness.

So, let's stop Prom parties and imprison all High school students for attending them .

Ya gama3a 7aram 3aleiko kefaya tahreeg ba2a. ( ya magles el-sha3b )

And one more thing, Thumbs up for the People's Assembly : Condemning the dancer for dancing & approving 2 more years of Emergency Law.

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