Friday, May 09, 2008

Belya has changed

A couple of days ago, I was at my department at college. It's been some time since I last visited the place ( as you know, I'm still serving at the army ). Anyway, I faced a situation that I guess I would have handled waaaaaaay differently a year ago than what I actually did.

Here's the situation that took place at the clinic:

An intern is treating a patient, but she is doing some mistakes that requires correction. I go by her side and start correcting her mistakes the way we usually do ( 1-that's is: in English, so that the patient can't understand. 2- Politely, as they are future colleagues. 3-Confidently, to show them that we are there to support them not to undermine them ).
The intern's reaction was rude, she made it apparent ( without words ) that she is refusing guidance. She wanted to move away from the patient and said " you can show me how it's done " in a manner that indicates anger & challenge.

Here are my two reactions,

A year ago:

I would have probably ORDERED her to move aside, got the patient's treatment done as fast as possible and most importantly I guess I would have given her some hard talk & embarrass her infront of the patient & her colleagues.

A couple of days ago:

I took a firm charge of the situation, verbally. I made her go on with the treatment ( as I tend to believe that being impolite doesn't deprive you from the right to learn), till the point where she really needed my intervention. I didn't hold back any information I thought would be of her benefit. Then I told her ( infront of her colleagues ) that I need her for a word at the instructors' office. There, I listed her mistakes and commented on her behavior.
She apologized for the attitude & even thanked me for my help.

It sucks when you have to instruct interns that are only a year or two younger.

It seems that one year at the army has changed me deep to the core.


Sou said...

I prefer your method of handling things "a few days ago" as to how you would've done things a year ago.

Belya said...

Amin to that