Friday, June 29, 2007

Couples, Please innovate.

How many times have you been invited to wedding ceremonies in Egypt, whether friends or family members. Didn't you notice anything............................... Bravoooooooooo, you got it right.
They are almost typical.

First of all, there's the zaffa: Usually it takes place in the lobby, where the band with their loud drums start chanting their folkloric songs. Along their chanting, the marrying couple along with their parents and friends dance to the rhythmic music.

Second, the entrance: In case for Muslim couples, there's the Hisham Abbas song ( asma2 ALLAH ) followed by the couple entering the ball room under the light effects etc.......

Later on, the night goes on with continuous dancing either in the presence of a performer or just on the songs played by a DJ.

Then comes dinner followed by more dancing....... till it's over .

Isn't that more or less what takes place in an ordinary Egyptian wedding ???????

I've attended a few weddings lately, that I wasn't interested in jamming on the dance floor with the people. So, I had no other option but sit on the table with the old folks. I didn't enjoy these ceremonies. On sitting with these people, I had the chance to see the other part of the wedding ceremony that I hadn't had the chance to see before.
People sitting on tables, don't usually have fun. They are just there out of the social obligation, no more.

Who is supposed to be happy during the ceremony ? Is it just the people on the dance floor ? or everyone who's invited ??!!!

I really don't know, but all I'm asking for is ........

Dear Ladies and Gents, Please work harder to have a really unique night that's remebered by all people, rather than just using the ready made recipe.

p.s: Chapeau to all couples who had innovative ceremonies and to those who are planning on having one.


Sou said...

You just described my cousin's wedding!

The Zaffa (you're lucky you're a guy, when it comes to women, heels and the Zaffa, believe me they don't mix!), Asma2 Allah, and dancing.

I don't really remember anything innovative.

Oh wait, do singing family members count? I mean when a distant cousin gets up and sings 'Hello' then the other sings 'Loun 3younak', that's got to count for creative, right? *laughs hysterically*

If my cousin ever reads this.....I'm as good as dead. :/

Belya said...

Heyy ya Sou, welcome to my space again :)
It seems that we ( guys ) are luck begadd. I always get that heels comment :D ma3lesh ba2a, zoroofko sa3ba.
As for singing family members, it's better than nothing. Don't worry, I won't tell your cousin ;)
My brother's wedding was one of those, but we've put a lot of effort into making it remarkable. It was more or less the same, yet some moments could be still remembered :D