Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hyper-creative, some modification needed

Yesterday, I had a frank chat with one of my senior staff. I was talking to her about how depressed I am, because we are faaaaaar beyond the reputed world class universities and dental centers. I also stated my deep belief ( that it seems impossible ) that one day we could reach them as no-one gives a damn about it.

Her answers were soo true and clarifying. She told me some stuff about my-self that I didn't know about ( or to be precise, didn't know all of it ).

Here's what she said:

1) I can easily spot defects, complain about them , suggest ideas for their solving BUT not taking actions.

my comment: true to a certain extent.

2) Ana bazha2 besor3a

my comment: Geddan geddan

3) I'm hyper-creative that I have too much ideas that I'm distracted by them.

my comment: I knew about the distraction, but didn't know about the hyper-creativity.

4) I have the potential for being something big one day.

my comment: YA RABB

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