Sunday, April 27, 2008

A gesture that's stronger than a million words

Yesterday I was watching a movie on TV. Then came a scene close to the end of the movie where 2 friends just exchange glances, their eyes expressed all what they have experienced throughout the whole story.

On seeing this, I re-called a similar situation.
We were having a farewell party, as O ( my best friend ) was leaving for the U.S. By the end of the day, everyone present started wishing him & his wife good luck ........etc. Some of our friends almost cried, some even left early becoz the atmosphere was getting very emotional.
As for myself, I stood there till the end of day. I was the last person to salute him on that day and all we had to share was a warm hand shake, a small hug , a good luck word and an intense eye talk.

It's been almost 2 years now, but I will never forget the look in his eyes and the messages we delivered at that moment. Begadd, in-describable.

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