Friday, March 28, 2008

Quarter of a century on Earth, a new begining.

Today I've completed my quarter of a century of life. I'm officialy 25 .

On completing my 25 years, I could view my past life in one of 2 ways ; an optimistic one or a pessimistic view.

I'll start with the pessimistic one; I haven't achieved anything that's worth mentioning. I didn't have an effect on this earth.

The good side is, I've achieved ALMOST everything I need to start a successful life:

1- A university degree
2- A career path
3- Another job
4- A bunch of good, loyal friends
5- I'm almost done with my military service
6- My ambition


Sou said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Didn't have an effect on this earth?! Come of it, Belya! Don't ever say things like that. I'm sure you've effected this earth one way or the other; you brought laughter into someone's life, happiness, a sense of belonging. Heck you're a dentist, without you, people would be howling in pain,'ve done something :)

Wishing you a blindingly bright tomorrow, and a never-quenched thirst for ambition - it'll prove to you that you do have "effects on this earth".

Belya said...

Thanks sweetest Sou, you never fail to put a smile on my face.