Friday, March 02, 2007


- 5 years old: Driving my bicycle crossing over a small obstacle, waking up in the hospital.

- 6 years old: Celebrating and enjoying feast with my extended family, my cousin who is playing with fireworks injures my face. The resultant was a bloody face and a tiny permanent scar.

- 10 years old: Receiving an award for being the best team leader.

- 12 years old: First time to appear on TV.

- 13 years old: My father having his open heart surgery.


Juka said...

Tesada2 I never noticed the scar.

SaRaH said...

Well it is good to remember the past as long as we are not trapped by its memory

Belya said...

Jux: Next time we meet, remind me to point it out to you. That's if you failed to find it bardo

Sarah: Welcome to my humble space. That's true, it's just a fine thread that separates memories from turning into a prison.